Digital Image Retouching Gone Wrong

H&MHow about this for lazy photo editing.We all know how similar models can appear to the general public, but are they really this similar? Can this really be the same body with different heads painted on? Surely not!American ApparelAmerican Apparel, the fashionable LA based clothing retailer, loved amongst trend-setters and students are brilliant at understanding modern culture and fashion. Much to our surprise their photo editing department doesn’t exactly seem up to par, look in this photo.Where is the rest of the horse!Amber Valletta and Shalom HarlowVogue, known for their daily fashion news, fashion trends and photography are one of the leaders in their field. In this certain shoot there seems to be something missing.This clothing range looks great but the model on the right seems to be missing a leg!Lana Del ReyLana Del Rey here, in a lovely photo shoot for H&M. She looks great in these skinny leather trousers and fluffy sweater, although something isn’t quite right. Look at her shoulder, she seems to have had some major joint issues during this shoot!J. CrewJ. Crew offers an assortment of women’s, men’s and children’s apparel and accessories. Along side these desirable items they have found a very unique model for this shoot, can you see what we mean? This certain fashion model has a very interesting pair of legs!