Be Different

The Objective Creative team explore how SME’s can enjoy business growth.

Small and medium sized enterprises (and owner managed businesses in particular) often struggle to tell customers what they do well, what they do different, and ultimately what sets them apart from their competitors.

Business owners can become immune to the enormous benefits of working with their organisation. They take for granted just how great their products, and more commonly service can be, compared to bigger (more confident) rivals. It’s often little things they do well, such as providing out of hours service, taking ownership of issues, and proactively suggesting improvements, that clients really appreciate.

Having developed marketing strategies for hundreds of SME’s (as well as some amazing International Corporations) I’m still surprised by how humble many business owners are.

A fresh pair of eyes can quickly uncover what businesses do well, and as marketers, we can develop the best way to communicate these advantages to (potential) clients.

It’s often a bigger challenge to convince business owners to have the confidence to shout about what makes their businesses different. To encourage them to market their business as delivering the best service as the specialist operator; or indeed whatever makes their business special!

Start thinking about what you do well, talk to staff and clients about the strengths of your business, and begin to consider what you do differently. Even better, talk to a great marketing agency about developing a strategy to grow your business.

Rather than spending your marketing budget on advertising and promotions, take a step back from the day-to-day activity, and consider first if the message you give to clients could benefit from a refresh.

Almost every business has a logo, but many SME’s don’t have an effective brand with unique messaging and positioning, to ensure everyone knows what they do differently. This could include a service descriptor, a customer promise, or simply headline messages to capture the essence of your business. If your current customers are happy, but you struggle to attract new ones, focus on telling the world what your clients already know.

Once your brand is in place, a great marketing agency can help you develop a promotional strategy to deliver outstanding results. It would be a great shame to keep another fantastic business a secret!

Be different.