Why are mobile websites important?

Why are mobile websites important? We can think of 6 billion reasons!There are more than six billion mobile phones in the world, yet despite this, approximately 45% of businesses still don’t have a mobile optimised website or app.Almost half the adult population own a smart phone. In a recent survey, nearly 80% of smart phones owners admitted they wouldn’t leave home without their phone.In the same survey, when questioned about their online habits, 80% of smart phone users expected websites they visited to be as easy to use on their phone as their computer.67% said if they visited a mobile friendly site they were more likely to buy, and more than half would switch to another website if they came across an unfriendly site.All these numbers add up to a lot of reasons why a mobile website is a necessity for most businesses. The growing trend is to think mobile first and desktop second.Mobile optimisation can increase sales, generate more traffic, and boost customer engagement.More importantly, it will give you an edge over the competition too.