Be Direct

Be Direct!The first direct marketing campaigns were developed over 130 years ago. In 1917, the Direct Marketing Association (DMA) was established, to represent direct marketing companies. To date, the association has 3,600 members, representing 34% of total advertising and marketing revenue.The past hundred years have seen countless innovative and original direct marketing campaigns.Here at Objective we work with leading Skoda dealerships including Bickerton and Rainworth Skoda. Whilst reviewing Skoda marketing we found one of our favourite direct marketing concepts, developed to promote Skoda’s Yeti Park Assist System. The mailer contains a magnetised postcard with a car on the back. When the postcard is turned over, and placed on its side, the car parks itself in a zone.Great direct marketing campaigns can require significant investment in strategy, creative, print and postage. Return on investment is key. However, studies say that 29% of marketers don’t measure return on investment. Direct marketing is designed to increase revenue and raise awareness of organisations.Personalisation is a great way to increase the effectiveness of a campaign. A study has found that personalisation increases response rates by up to 50%. It is also important to invest time preparing a mailing list, checking all the essential details including contact name, address and position.Here are 5 quick steps to successful direct marketing!Secret 1 – Target Audience The better you know your target audience, the better results you will produce. Consider your audience profile (age, gender and position) and develop a direct marketing campaign to appeal to the demographic.Secret 2 – Personalisation How many unsolicited letters do your receive addressed to the occupier? How many of these letters are filed in the bin? Increase open rates by personalising communications. Try to incorporate the information you have gleaned on recipients.Secret 3 – Keep a portfolio Keep copies of outstanding direct mail campaigns, If you have responded to direct marketing, you can identify what makes the campaign effective, and incorporate some of the key points when developing your own communications.Secret 4 – Headlines People are swamped with advertisements and direct marketing every day. Great headlines catch attention, and encourage recipients to read your bright, bold and accessible messages. A great headline grabs attention.Secret 5 – Follow up Every good direct marketing campaign must have a good follow up. This could be a second postal mailer, HTML email, a phone call, or all three.More Advice? Award winning marketing agency Objective Creative develop innovative direct marketing campaigns on behalf of leading businesses and public sector organisations.For more advice about developing direct marketing campaigns, please call 0114 253 6756.