Google ‘Could’ Buy Twitter

In late July 2015, Google finally announced that it is scaling back its efforts with Google+. Brad Horowitz, who took the reign of Google+ earlier this year, said that users will no longer need a Google+ account to engage with others on Google products. Instead, any Google email or account can be used.Google+ was launched 4 years ago, with the aim to create a social network with a billion or more people updating their status, posting photos and keeping up with friends, family and colleagues in ‘circles’. Google wanted Google+ to rival Facebook and Twitter.Google has invested hundreds of millions of pounds and thousands of hours work in making Google+ the next big Facebook. However, the search giant didn’t just create a new social service because it wanted to hinder the force of Facebook’s rise. No doubt that played a role, but the main focus was that Google+ would allow Google to see real-time behavioural data from users. This data could help the company fine tune both its search results and its advertising algorithms.Since the launch of Google+, social sharing has become a significant factor for driving traffic to external sites and content. That makes access to real time social data even more crucial, especially for Google’s future, than it has ever been. Google+ isn’t even close to providing enough of that information, but Twitter and Facebook are.Google have agreed a deal with Twitter to gain access to their real time user data. The two companies were partners in the early years of Twitter, but as the Twitter service grew larger and started to think about a unique selling point, it asked for new terms with Google. This led to the partnership ending. May 2015 saw the partnership re-connect, this saw tweets been displayed in Google results pages in its “One Box” display.Google could continue to pay twitter a fee for access to its user behavioural data. But now that its own social media platform has proven to be unsuccessful, it would make sense to try and purchase the social sharing platform.What Google could bring to Twitter: 1) A huge number of advertisers already using Google Adwords and Adsense 2) Further global reach 3) Integration with Youtube for short and long videosWhat Twitter could bring to Google: 1) A highly engaged social network 2) Access to their user behavioural data 3) A mobile optimised platform for advertisingThe future for both companies looks interesting.