Searching For New Technologies

Artificial intelligence (AI) and virtual reality (VR) technologies are increasingly being utilised by marketing professionals. AI is also impacting SEO strategies.How people search via keyboard is quite different to how they would verbally request a search using technology such as Cortana, Amazon Echo and Google Home.Chains of phrases rather than individual words are often used. Rather than traditional SEO terms, such as ‘London taxi, phrases such as ‘find me a taxi near London Bridge’ should be optimised.These ‘long-tail’ keywords or phrases can perform very well, especially as long tail keywords are often less competitive than shorter keywords. The move to long tail searches, also results in more relevant and accurate searches for the user, whilst providing businesses with a deeper understanding of user behaviour.In addition to search, artificial intelligence is also being embraced by brands on social media. MasterCard were amongst the first brands to integrate an AI chatbot into the Facebook messenger system. This enhancement allows MasterCard to answer popular enquiries, quickly and efficiently.Virtual Reality is another technology being enthusiastically adopted by marketing professionals. There has been great excitement surrounding the partnership between Oculus Rift and Samsung,Earlier this year, Coca Cola capitalised on VR capability by giving people the opportunity to explore stadiums, during the World Cup in Brazil. They used VR technology to allow football fans privileged access to stadiums, including a virtual journey down the tunnel, onto the pitch. Other leading brands, including Audi and General Electric, are reported to be exploring development of virtual reality showrooms to retail products and services.Aside from promotional use, may B2B marketers are also using VR for internal communications. Internal training programmes can be effectively delivered using VR technologies. A particularly cost effective training method for businesses operating from multiple locations.Carl Richardson, Creative and Digital Director of Sheffield based marketing agency Objective Creative said: “Our digital team embrace AI and VR, to ensure our clients benefit from the endless possibilities new technologies offer.“We are constantly adapting our search marketing strategies to reflect the prominence of search using AI technology including Cortana, Amazon Echo and Google Home.“As active members of the search marketing community, our digital specialists share expertise with colleagues, whilst participating at conferences and seminars.“It’s a particularly exciting time to be at the forefront of digital marketing.”