The People Behind the Product

B2B Communications strategies and technologies continue to evolve. It’s essential that marketing agencies keep up with the pace. B2C marketing is often considered to be more innovative, embracing fresh approaches, including placing ‘real people’ rather than just ‘product’ at the heart of campaigns.Halifax were amongst the first companies to use their own people in marketing campaigns, when they introduced a customer services’ representative as the face of their brand more than fifteen years ago.More recently, Barclays have focussed on both customers and staff, with their ‘Digital Eagles’ strategy. The campaign shows people learning new skills, including children being taught the basics of coding.Another advertisement featured customers aged over 50 playing walking football. The 30 second television slot, demonstrated that Barclays staff were able to help customer’s make better use of social media and other digital technologies.The commercial was actually key to the growth of walking football as a sport. Since the Barclays campaign, the FA have had to introduce an official walking football rule book.Aviva is another brand to have recently moved away from product promotion, in favour of focussing on ‘real people’.Their new campaign features ‘real families’ embracing innovative ‘Arriva technologies’. They have introduced apps including ‘Aviva Drive’ and ‘Aviva Save Smarter’ as a way of promoting deeper engagement with customers.Some B2B marketing agencies have been slow to consider the advantages of promoting ‘real people’, rather than solely focussing on product. Others have greatly benefitted from switching strategies.Global engineering business GE, ran a successful B2B campaign called ‘Childlike Imagination’. The campaign features GE staff and their children, talking about where the products they manufacture are used. People bring the story to life, as they explain that GE products are used in jets, trains and even hospitals. The children look forward to a future where GE make almost anything possible.This strategy is a good example of using ‘real people’ to generate a deeper connection with a business.Dan Broadbent, Managing Director of award winning marketing agency Objective Creative said: “As the UK’s fastest growing B2B marketing agency, we are proud to be recognised for our contribution to the evolution Of B2B communication strategies and technologies.“Increasingly, clients are benefiting from putting their people front and centre, in B2B marketing campaigns. Businesses want to hear from real people, and especially, their positive customer experiences!”