B2B Marketing for Good

The most progressive consumer brands are increasingly aligning campaigns with social change initiatives.T Mobile abandoned a humorous approach (previous campaigns have featured Drake dancing….badly!) in favour of a powerful equality awareness campaign.The campaign, which was first shown during the Superbowl, makes no mention of T Mobile services or price led promotions. Instead they align their brand with the equality movement.Maltesers have also recently enjoyed great success with a social change campaign in the UK.Their campaign, tackling perceptions of people with disabilities, ‘helped break through all barriers’.Having set a target of 4% sales growth, Maltesers achieved an 8.1% uplift while the campaign was on air.YouTube views for the launch ad, “New boyfriend”, exceeded 2 million, in the first 24 hours.Dan Broadbent, Managing Director of marketing agency Objective Creative, located in Sheffield city centre said: “Consumer brands have started to recognise the benefits of embracing social change marketing.“As a leading B2B marketing agency, we encourage our clients to consider social issues, when developing marketing messaging.“People are becoming more motivated to deal with ethical, progressive businesses. By embracing social change marketing today, clients can often be the first in their sector to be seen as a force for good.”Shell have taken the opportunity to engage B2B audiences with a social change campaign. Shell Springboard provides no strings attached funding to UK Based SME’s, with innovative, low carbon, business ideas.The supporting marketing programme encourages businesses to apply for national and regional awards, ranging between £40,000 and £150,000.Carl Richardson, Creative and Digital Director of marketing agency Objective Creative said: “B2B clients can really embrace rich content, to tell powerful social change stories, through video, animation, and other creative mediums.“We are excited to help businesses bring social responsible values to life, through highly creative campaigns.”.The strongest social change campaigns are often measured against ambitious aims.Project Literacy was launched by Pearsons, a market leader in education products and services. Their marketing strategy is anchored by Project Literacy, with a published aim to end illiteracy by 2030.They have engaged like minded businesses, to create a partnership of organisations, committed to the cause.The project claims to have engaged with 250,000 people, through a rich portal of information and resources.More than just raising awareness of an issue, Pearsons are able to promote how they have positively impacted a quarter of a million people.From the biggest PLC’s, to ambitious SME’s, social change marketing can be embraced by businesses of all sizes.Marketing agency Objective Creative, located in the heart of Sheffield, work with B2B clients to develop and implement social change marketing campaigns.