Getting the most out of your video content

Video is a great platform for companies to capture their customers’ attention and provides a great way to share engaging information in a way that people will remember.

Despite this, a lot of small to medium-sized companies think that video production is outside of their budget. It is also viewed as an inflexible marketing tool because it is more difficult and time consuming to amend with new information than say, a website or social media post.

In this article we look at ways your business can maximise its investment in video production, helping to make video a more budget-friendly option.

Repurpose your video content for social media
Social media is a fantastic tool for getting the right message to your target audience. Using video content in your social media posts can help make them even more memorable and engaging, but ideally you should be using different videos on each different social media platform. Facebook videos get the most engagement when they are around one minute in length, whereas Twitter and Instagram have limits to the length of video you can upload. By creating a different video for each platform you can maximise your “airtime” across all social media.

Consider audio-only formats
One of the reasons video is engaging is because of the amount of information it is able to convey with moving image. Often people can’t view video in certain locations though, for example when driving, or in public areas where others can view their screen. Therefore it can be beneficial to repurpose video to be audio-only content. This will depend on the audio content of your video, but it may be possible to strip the audio track from it to create podcasts or audio books. Again, distributing your content in a wider range of formats will increase the exposure you get amongst your customers.

Use your video to create written content
Why not use the transcript of your video to create a blog article, presentation or newsletter? Having content in multiple formats can help create a much richer experience for customers, and by providing multiple opportunities for them to find your content, you can help maximise exposure.

Plan ahead when creating video content
When commissioning your initial video think about how you might repurpose the content going forward. For example, if you are going to extract the audio for a podcast, ensure that the audio works well by itself. Or if you intend to create shorter clips for social media, think about how sections of your video might work as standalone content.

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